Package Not Delivered?

Delivery times will vary according to the destination and type of delivery. West Third Brand cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery. Delayed delivery will not give rise to any penalty nor indemnity, and cannot be used as reason for cancelling the order. To avoid the risk of theft, shipping to your place of work, commercial address, or to your neighborhood UPS Store is highly recommended.  

If theft has occurred you must call UPS immediately with the tracking number.... as our record per UPS, likely will show the package was delivered to the destination provided. Note: UPS and West Third Brand are cracking down on fraudulent claims. Please Note: Both parties (UPS and West Third Brand) are not responsible for security at the destination point.  

UPS Customer Service: (800) 742-5877. Or logon to your UPS account and fill the information out online. 

Afterwards please contact us at, please provide recipient's name, address, order number, etc. And at that time we will also file a claim with UPS, they will need to speak with both parties involved in order to process the investigation. According to UPS investigations can take up to 2 weeks. 

NOTE: West Third Brand is released of accountability once UPS takes possession of the goods, plus we are not responsible if you input the incorrect address on your order nor does West Third Brand responsible for theft at the destination. Please also note that tracked deliveries that cannot be delivered because of absent clients will be shipped again at the client’s expense or cancelled.