Fragrance Notes

The wonderful world of West Third Brand's fragrance notes all on one page. Looking for a new signature scent?  We suggest reviewing the list below, lean into notes that you love.  For example, if Sandalwood is your go-to, choose scents that are compounded with it.  And always follow your heart.  Wanna take a little test drive?  We offer Sample Vials for purchase of all our fragrances.  Sampling is highly recommended before committing to any full-sized bottle. 


Band of Outlaws  
An unapologetically sexy scent. Branded with bold smoked sandalwood and cedar, a seductive touch of antique leather exposes vibrant hues of iris and violet.  Aromatic spicy cardamom leads into ominous ambrox with a musk finish. 

Crazy Enough 
Unveil the hidden passion of tuberose with pink jasmine, sweet orange flowers, and gardenia delicately infused with rose leaves, a dash of milky coconut water with anise; accented with vanilla and spicy musk.  A lustful pledge. 
Flower Child 
A fresh and playful sun-drenched scent with clementine blossoms and orange peel, blended with an elegant bouquet of lily of the valley, lilac and gardenia, with subtle hints of vetiver and orris root.  Chic and carefree. 
Grit + Poise
The gritty rich notes of amber, olibanum and labdanum are enveloped with a subtle veil of lemon and muguet; with captivating smoky incense, patchouli & vanilla bean.  Provocative and stoic.
Hearts + Flowers  
Lily of the valley muddled with jasmine, orange blossom and bergamot.  Heavily layered with ylang ylang & white rose with undercurrents notes of soft musk with golden amber undertones.  Glamorous and romantic. 

Lone Wolf  
Take a stand with bergamot, grapefruit, & lime layered with jasmine, parsley & mandarin leaf. Hints of nutmeg and cardamom wrapped with luxurious amber, but sandalwood & vetiver add the depth & aloofness.  A silent magnetism. 
Lost California
Sauntering smoked sage & Palo Santo, warm winds of desert shrubs, hemp, bergamot, and pepper notes unfold seductive vanilla musk & labdanum absolute.  A seductive attraction. 
Midnight Cowboy  
Piquant essence of black currant, salty sandalwood with tobacco leaf layered with patchouli, bergamot, neroli and vetiver. Whispers of black pepper and a trace of faded rose, vanilla and aromatic cloves dusted with soulful tears of golden amber.  Mysterious and suggestive.  

Right Now   

A sophisticated blend of rich golden amber with warm woody notes and hints of French lavender intertwined with rose notes, cashmere accords & rosewood; underscored with cedarwood and a touch of vanilla.  A fragrance filled with dramatic sensuality. 

Sensual musky notes and labdanum, sweet balsam & coumarin with the rich floralcy of geranium, orange blossom & lavender. Featuring black patchouli, Egyptian amber & hints of spicy vanilla.  An adventurous spirited fragrance. 
Super Musk
The sex appeal of vintage musk wrapped around creamy vanilla, top notes of tangerine & lavender with fiery layers of cinnamon, clove and sensual sandalwood.  A brutally handsome / terminally pretty scent. 

Vetiver X 
An irresistible blend.  Distinctive Haitian vetiver infused with white cedar wood, fir needle; and softened by floral accords of night jasmine and ylang ylang. The heart is accented with Sichuan pepper and nutmeg; followed by a rich drydown of suede, amber and hints of tobacco. 

A summer elixir bursting with an array of mixed citrus fruits and tomato leaf, freshly cut daffodil, violet and iris layered with vetiver grass. Pink pepper and hints of musk sway in the background.

I am Stardust 
A potion of jasmine, sweet violet flowers, ritualistic burnt woods and tobacco accords, pepper, rose and white musk create magic.
New Tobacco 
Sauntering fresh tobacco leaves with pungent ginger notes, overtones of leather, sandalwood and patchouli, smudged sage with jasmine flower.  

A rich concoction of midnight jasmine, pink pepper, and lily layered with powdery amber tears. Underlying notes of sultry incense; and a secret potion of sandalwood, cassis and musk evoke decadence and opulence.

Untitled Heroes 
Frankincense wrapped in amber + galbanum resins, flashes of wild iris with lively thyme accord ending with a big punch of seductive musk and leather.


American oak & teak infused with patchouli and layers of cedar notes, mandarin peel, coumarin, clove & sensual ylang-ylang.

Amber Wood
Exotic woody notes hailing with cedar & sandalwood embrace ancient amber that smolders with undercurrents of patchouli, vanilla, white musk, & Tonka Bean.

Gypsy Soul
An intricate and mysterious maze of patchouli, exotic jasmine and ylang accented with warm rich tones of sandalwood, olibanum, and vanilla muddled with the rind of Moroccan lemon with a touch of birch tar.  

Bursting with gardenias and orange blossoms deeply layered with tuberose, jasmine, lily, rose, with hints of melon and wild musk.

Marché de Tabac 
Experience an exotic tobacco market with tobacco absolute muddled with anise, orange, cedar & sandalwood hints of leather, clove and musk.

Old Bourbon 
Inspiration straight out of the whiskey soaked barrel. A rich blend of sandalwood, cedar & vetiver layered with amyris, patchouli, coumarin, citrus peel, benzoin with a hint of vanilla.

Sandalo Tuberosa
Dark tuberose essence infused with orrisroot, sandalwood, smoky patchouli & vetiver.

Smoked Sandalwood
Richly smoked ancient sandalwood and dark cedarwood distilled with aromatic black cardamom, clove, basil, and subtle notes of rose with luminous bright hints of lemon.

Smoky Fig
Fresh green fig infused with lemon and agave leaves. Layered with sage, lavender, and coconut with hints of lily and smoked fir with musk.

Tobacco 1812
Sweet dried tobacco leaf, aromatic spices & rich honey muddled with cocoa, Tonka Bean, tobacco flower and a layer of dried fruit and exotic wood.

Tobacco Leather
Classic sweet tobacco enriched with the musky nature of worn leather; yet haunted with the smoky spirit of charred sandalwood and cedarwood.

Vanille de Santos
The sensual vanilla flower orchid layered with jasmine, white lily with subtle hints of exotic patchouli and spice.

Vert Vetiver
Sicilian bergamot & fresh citrus layered with vetiver & lily with nuances of patchouli, fennel, cedar wood & a layer of musk.

Vintage Leather 
A classic bad-ass fragrance. An intricate balance of moss, tobacco, cedar & leather notes with patchouli & musk.

Vintage Patchouli
An elegant blend with tears of pure patchouli enriched with exotic teak wood infused with soft Indian incense and vintage myrrh. 

Voyage d’Tabac
Red amber and warm vanilla bean tangled with dried leaves of tobacco; faint patchouli notes linger in the background.

Fresh and clean feeling as if you just left an old-school barbershop with Vetiver, black pepper, exotic spice and wild mandarin, iris, bergamot, benzoin, coumarin, & tobacco.


First Arrow 
Tamarind blossom & pepper with subtle hints of rose, cranberry plus wood notes blended with patchouli hints of vanilla, black violet and cacao flower.

7 Heartbreaks 
Citrus notes muddled with soft floral notes of magnolia & peony. Undercurrents of sweet apple, pear chocolate notes with hazelnut and amber.

King for a Day
Manly, classic, strong and nostalgic. Bergamot & smokey black tea & neroli infused with geranium, black pepper and a hint of tobacco, underlying nuances of sage, patchouli & coumarin.

Love First
Fresh and sensual flowers of lilies of the valley, peonies, freesias, lilacs and Bulgarian roses delicately blended with patchouli and white musk.

Love Letters
A poetic expression of sweet pink grapefruit, crisp jasmine, lemon and freesia, anchored with the warm blend of amber, sandalwood, oakmoss and ends with sultry musk notes. 

Leather & amber resins bound with wild lavender, musk, pistachio, cucumber, dried lemon, dusty vetiver, bitter orange, & hints of seaweed.

Road Trip 
White musk, earthy patchouli, and star anise hints of iris, osmanthus layered with sandalwood, vetiver & cedar.

Ropes + Sails
Refreshing citrus notes of grapefruit and calamansi layered with muguet, jasmine, sage with juniper accented with rosewood, sandalwood and pettitgrain.

Strange Magic
A sensual fragrance enriched with amber, rich leather, and sandalwood blended with an elixir of balsam fir, lily of the valley, beachwood, musk and illuminated with ginger and grapefruit.

Tall Tales 
Amber, violet & clary sage, muddled with hints of coriander, suede, tobacco with traces of coffee, coco and soft vanilla. 

Ivy leaves, aniseed, violets, iris roots, vetiver, tonka bean, vanilla, & musk.

Bohemian incense notes of sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, coumarin, musk, benzoin, olibanum with hints of vanilla.