Renowned for their handcrafted, limited batch aromas, West Third Brand has formulated sophisticated quality driven scents since 2008.  A key player in the world of niche fragrance, each scent, each aroma, one from the next is an easy-to-wear, minimalist blend, of earthy botanicals that evokes the brand’s quintessential American style.

Founder and creative director, Michael Loring Probst shares “Creating fragrances in the classical sense in the way we do takes time, lots of time, nurturing, patience… endurance, and most times many, many tries before the definitive scent is born.  Many ideas and concepts for our fragrances are born out of intuition, that are tied to influences from the past and/or current ones.  However, this is where the story begins, and the notes are weaved around that story…while blending, the story becomes richer with lots of twist and turns." 

West Third Brand was initially formed by Michael Loring Probst in partnership with Lynette Reed (original owner and founder of ILLUME candles. Also known as: The OG Candle Boss) in Los Angeles, CA in 2008.  Lynette heads her own company now, Fluid Fragrances and is a successful artist living in Italy, however, the close duo often collaborate on new fragrance development for West Third Brand. 

The origin of the name is a nod to the chic shopping street W. 3rd in Los Angeles; where ILLUME opened its doors in 1993.  Most folks may not know that Michael worked for ILLUME for 8 years within that time he served as ILLUME's Creative Director.  Thus W. 3rd Street is where his love of fragrance ignited the flame of passion that burns today.   

W3B operates out of their studio in the Hill Country just outside Austin, TX tucked between infamous local craft breweries and distilleries. 

Photography: Cindy Loughridge, Dane Tashima, and Olivia Eleazar